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How Much of America Does China Own?

How Much of America Does China Own?

(NewsBreakDaily.org) – The novel coronavirus that originated in Wuhan, China — either from infected food at their wet-market or from the bio lab located there — has killed more than 313,000 people around the world as of May 17. It’s also caused unprecedented restrictions upon the American people. Combine that with aggressive military posturing and it seems appropriate to wonder just how much America relies on the communist nation.


Many would be surprised at how many of their medications China has an influence on. Whether it’s 100% manufactured in the country, or at least some of the ingredients come from the Asian nation, the pandemic has made at least one US senator take notice.

Some of the numbers are staggering. Reports indicate they’re responsible for making:

  • 90% of the antibiotics
  • 70% of acetaminophen
  • As much as 45% of heparin, a drug used to treat blood clots

If COVID-19 hinders the operation of the manufacturers there, the country could be facing an imminent shortage of as many as 150 drugs. This gives an ominous undertone to an article on the official state news website “suggesting” America owes China an apology. They even outline what might happen to us in the hypothetical event they cut off medical supplies to the United States.

American Businesses

Globalization is basically just what it sounds like — countries relying on each other to provide goods. One example is US companies outsourcing their products to nations where labor costs are a small fraction of what it would cost here. It makes sense that former President Barack Obama was a huge proponent as one of the goals is a one-world culture.

What that has meant in terms of ownership of American corporations vis-à-vis Chinese investors is another issue many are unaware of. By the end of the Obama administration, China controlled major companies such as Smithfield Foods, one of the country’s largest pork producers where a coronavirus-related shutdown could impact the food supply. Among others are General Electric Appliances and AMC Entertainment.

This hasn’t magically disappeared now that President Donald Trump’s in office. More recent estimates show Chinese ownership of approximately $29 billion in New York, $31 billion in California, and $11 billion in Texas.

Federal Debt

As most people know the government has operated at deficit-spending for decades. Since the spending authorized by Congress far outpaces what taxes bring in, they must borrow the balance, oftentimes from foreign governments.

As of February 2020, over $7 trillion — yes, that’s a “t” — of outstanding debt is owned by other nations. Note the date, this was before the $2 trillion COVID-19 stimulus bill was passed. Of that, China holds more than $1 trillion in notes owed by the United States. Let that sink in. One of the most politically anti-American nations on Earth owns almost 15% of its foreign-owned debt.

Half a century-plus of government glut and Liberal indoctrination of American schoolchildren, essentially patting them on the head and saying “run along and let us do the thinking for you,” has left the country in a precarious position. The pandemic only emphasizes this point. Fortunately, the White House, Senate, and Supreme Court are in the hands of fiscally-conservative men and women, which gives at least a small glimmer of hope for future generations.

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