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Who’s Publishing Fake News Now?

Who’s Publishing Fake News Now?

(NewsBreakDaily.org) – For Progressive Liberals — politicians and their media shills — there’s nothing more important than The Agenda. Not the people, not the economy, and most certainly not the truth. In just the past few days, two television personalities have proven President Trump’s “fake news” is dead on the money.

1st Lie

The host of his eponymous late-night talk show, Jimmy Kimmel was the first offender. He showed what he claimed was a video of Vice President Mike Pence delivering “empty” boxes to a nursing home. He then issued what his Liberal cohorts are graciously calling an apology.

Sometimes sarcasm can be difficult to pick up on in the written word — not this time:

The clip of the VP was intentionally edited to give the impression the boxes he carried were empty, which turns out to be a baldfaced lie. Even Twitter, the pro-liberal social media platform, finally had to succumb and label it “manipulated media.”

The late-night audience must be chock-full of Liberals if people like Kimmel, Jimmy Fallon, and Seth Myers managed to build a following based on their anti-Trump rhetoric. Maybe it’s as simple as folk of that ilk having trouble falling asleep at night, for some reason or another.

2nd Lie

Hot on the heels of that…fib…Chuck Todd of NBC’s “Meet the Press” aired and commented upon a maliciously-edited clip of Attorney General (AG) Bill Barr. In the video, Barr made a joke to a CBS interviewer, at which point they cut back to Todd, who said, “[h]e didn’t make the case that he was upholding the rule of law,” an obvious reference to former President Barack Obama’s comments earlier in the week.

The desperate intent to smear the Trump Administration at every opportunity becomes self-evident a literal split-second later. With his next breath, Barr explains why future historians will identify this decision as one that’s rooted in justice.

Not long after the show’s Twitter account posted their “inadvertent” cut. It was a very serendipitous mistake for NBC ending the feed at that moment, the one which leaves Barr open to criticism — and reinforces Obama’s narrative. There was also an apparent glitch with Todd’s teleprompter, that it fed him the pre-written “Rule of Law” line. Yes, a burst of dumb good luck indeed.

The Progressive Liberal cabal is no longer satisfied with putting a spin on newsworthy events. Now they’re engineering “evidence” for their proletariat to point to. The First Amendment is designed to stop the government from killing off a “free and open press,” but what it doesn’t do is help Americans when they decide to commit mass suicide.

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