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Obama and Flynn: A Strange Saga

Obama and Flynn: A Strange Saga

(NewsBreakDaily.org) – Former President Barack Hussien Obama reemerged into American politics to rip the Department of Justice (DOJ) for dropping the politically-motivated case against retired US Army Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn. His newfound respect for the “rule of law” seems a bit…disingenuous…given that even a Left-leaning magazine published an article in 2017 about his damage to the Constitution.

During the Obama Administration

Obama nominated Flynn to be the director of the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) and he took the post in 2012. He received it, in part, due to his sharp criticism of how the country handled its entry into the Iraq War.

This tells us Obama knew Flynn was a firebrand who wanted to reshape the DIA into something more streamlined than it was in order to deal with the volatile Middle East. This tends to give more credence to Flynn’s narrative as to the reason he was fired, his concerns over ISIS, than the president’s that he was “too difficult.”

Post-Trump Victory

Just before the inauguration of the new president — January 5, 2017, to be exact — a high-level meeting was held. Participants included Obama and now-former officials Vice President Joe Biden, FBI Director James Comey, and National Security Advisor Susan Rice. Newly released documents prove the former president knew of the wiretapping of Flynn’s calls.

During their duties of FBI and DOJ oversight, two senators came across an oddity in Rice’s official email that prompted them to ask questions. On January 20, 2017, literally minutes before President-elect Trump took the oath of office, she emailed herself a summary of the January 5 meeting and they wanted to know why. Her attorney’s response was 15 days later “was the first opportunity she had to do so.”


Obama in a “leaked” phone call with ex-aides bemoaned the Earth-shattering damage that could happen to all of American jurisprudence by dropping the case against a man “convicted of perjury” — which is not the situation at all. This from the man who allegedly sent Valerie Jarrett (who held no official office) back to her birth-nation to do an end-run around legal sanctions against Iran and backed House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s (D-CA) infamous taunt about passing Obamacare.

How much Obama knew or if this has anything to do with his cryptic warning to Trump about Flynn is only beginning to emerge, but it’s disconcerting. Progressives make no secret they feel Trump usurped the White House from Hillary Clinton and the lengths they will go to see that election undone. While it’s a terrible idea to fall victim to conspiracy theories, it’s an equally good idea to keep an eye on what the government is doing — or has done.

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