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COVID-19: Are Food Shortages Next?

COVID-19: Are Food Shortages Next?

(NewsBreakDaily.org) – The havoc wreaked by the novel coronavirus pandemic has turned American society on its head and ravaged the economy. Now warnings are surfacing that the food supply, particularly meats, may become a problem because COVID-19 is decimating the workforce at major processing plants. John Tyson, chairman of the company that bears his name, sent up a warning flare regarding the nation’s food chain. It has garnered a lot of attention including one advisor to President Trump.

Tyson, whose company is the largest meat producer in the United States, expressed grave concerns regarding the ability to keep grocery store meat cases stocked. In his blog post, he predicted that “millions of pounds of meat will disappear” and that “millions of animals – chickens, pigs and [sic] cattle – will be depopulated because of the closure of our processing facilities. The food supply chain is breaking [emphasis added].”

This follows on the heels of the shutdown of numerous pork processing plants owned by Smithfield Foods which controls 28.3% of the market in pork and JBS SA whose plant closures alone counts for 10% of the industry’s capacity. Flattening the curve on COVID-19 will aid America’s recovery in one respect, but as this shows, it’s going to take some time to arrive at a “new normal,” whatever that might be.

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