Home Politics Even Dems Think Their Candidates Are a “Disgrace”

Even Dems Think Their Candidates Are a “Disgrace”

Even Dems Think Their Candidates Are a “Disgrace”

(NewsBreakDaily.org) – Anyone who has been paying attention to the Democratic primary race already knows that Liberals have a mess on their hands. Apparently, some on the Left are starting to figure that out too.

Democratic Rep. Debbie Dingell, an influential member of the House from Michigan, described the most recent debate this way:


Dingell also said that they were adding to the current division in the US by stoking “fear and hatred” with their rhetoric.

Many people have been quick to blame the CBS moderators for this week’s disastrous debate. Dingell, however, says that the moderators aren’t the ones to blame. In her opinion, the candidates are responsible for their own embarrassing behavior.

“It was disgusting. They [talked over] each other. They fought each other. They came with lines to destroy each other,” Dingell said.

The Michigan rep. then stated what everyone should already know at this point: The attacks these candidates are launching against one another now will only help make sure President Trump is re-elected in November.

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