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Update – Coronavirus and the Olympics

Update – Coronavirus and the Olympics

(NewsBreakDaily.org) – As the Coronavirus outbreak continues to rage, some people are starting to worry about the impact this epidemic could have on the Olympic Games. In fact, Team USA is already taking steps to protect athletes and their families.

The World Waits

The 2020 Olympics are scheduled to be held in Tokyo staring July 24th. Organizers of the games have said they are doing what they can to stop the illness from spreading in and around Tokyo. Currently, more than 75,000 people around the world have contracted the virus with a death toll reaching over 2,000.

While some sporting events in Asia have been postponed, so far, there aren’t any plans to move the games.

Team USA

Tokyo officials aren’t the only ones keeping an eye on things. The US team released a statement saying that the athletes and their families are the number one priority. The Chief of Sport Performance, Rick Adams, said non-essential travel to China, Singapore and Hong Kong has been suspended. As of now, however, they aren’t changing their plans for the Olympic games.

If it becomes unsafe to go forward, Adams said they are “prepared to take every” precaution necessary for the safety of everyone involved.

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