Misguided Dem Calls Violence in Portland ‘A Myth’

( - If you've paid even a little bit of attention to the news over the past several weeks,...

Cruz Calls Out Dems for Shady Coordinated Efforts to Hurt Trump

( - On July 26, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) appeared on CBS's “Face the Nation” where he blasted Democrats...

Washington Post Settles With Trump Supporting Student

( - Nicholas Sandmann is a Covington High School student who was vilified in the press last year. He...


Ted Cruz Busts Twitter and CNN

( - This week, Twitter punished several Conservative users, including the president's own son, Donald Trump Jr. The crime?...

Maria Bartiromo Destroys Obama Official (VIDEO)

( - The American people want to know if the previous administration spied on Donald Trump. As more information...

SCARY: Biden Could Nominate Hillary to the Supreme Court

( - Nothing could put a chill up a Conservative's spine like the thought of Hillary Clinton in a...

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